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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Friends of Sligo Creek (FOSC) Kiosk

Three Oaks Association homeowners are so lucky to live near Sligo Creek!  

Equally lucky is that we live near a terrific kiosk maintained by FOSC on the hiking trail at the footbridge between Colesville Road and Wayne Avenue near the intersection of Bennington Drive. This is where the Bennington Tributary runs into Sligo Creek.

Every month or so volunteers post animal facts, photos, poems, and nature commentary in the kiosk. There is usually information about upcoming events that relate to the environment and caring for our local Sligo Creek and the broader community. Check it out to see what gem is there this month!

Kiosk at Sligo Creek and Bennington Drive
FOSC Kiosk at Sligo Creek and the Bennington Drive Footbridge

Right now (to celebrate the April "Sweep the Creek" clean-up day)
you can enjoy a special drawing and poem. 
The drawing shows the water flowing down Sligo Creek
into the Anacostia River into the Potomac, and then into the Chesapeake Bay.  

Catch the poem: 
Trash that lands in Sligo Creek
Ends up in the Chesapeake.
Help pick it up without delay,
Before it flows into the Bay.

Poem and drawing at the FOSC Kiosk near Bennington Dr.
Poem and drawing that illustrate why trash in streams is wrong!

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