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We live one block from Sligo Creek. We are stewards of the water that flows into Sligo Creek, into the Anacostia River, into the Potomac, and into the Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay Trust grant award will help Three Oaks Association (3OA) pay to
  • Assess where stormwater can be effectively managed in 3OA;
  • Construct several stormwater management systems in 3OA to reduce water runoff from Three Oaks Drive into Sligo Creek; 
  • Set up various outreach activities to help inform our neighbors about our efforts; and Promote the County and State commitment to keep our steams and waterways clean.  

 Montgomery County Rainscapes Program

Please visit the Montgomery County RainScapes program to learn more about how you can help with local environmental efforts and benefit from their homeowner, HOA, and commercial rebate programs.

Read about the effects of stormwater on Chesapeake Bay:

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