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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Look for our "coming soon" signs!

Our new Conservation Landscaping is coming soon!

Look for our sign near the Little Free Libraries in Seven Oaks Park and Playground. You'll see the concept drawing and an arrow pointing to the planned construction next to the street, up above the large boulders.

Storm Drain stickers help alert people to where drains exit

It's important to inform and educate the public about storm drains. Many of us do not know that around 70% of all storm drains lead directly into open waterways, without any treatment.

That is certainly true of the storm drains on Three Oaks Drive. Our storm drains run directly into Sligo Creek.  Street pollutants, silt, pet wastes, pesticides, asphalt granules from our roofs: These all run into our open storm drains, and these items damage the creek's water quality. 

And since Sligo Creek runs into the Anacostia and from there into the Potomac and the Chesapeake Bay, the health of every waterway affects the next part of the water system -- all the way to the ocean. 

A drain marker provides a visual "warning sign" to help inform and educate people that anything that is poured/dropped into the drain will go into waterways untreated.

Montgomery County supports individuals, groups, and communities that want to install drain markers on their storm drains. Go to the links below to learn how to help and to get your free materials. It's a great project for a family, a scout troop, a classroom, or a church group. 

Please go to these links: 

  • Join the Montgomery County storm drain marking program.  

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Telling families at the park & playground about our Conservation Landscape project

The Three Oaks Association and Friends of Sligo Creek are getting closer to the installation of the Conservation Landscape project.

In October, we spent some time in the Seven Oaks Park and Playground. The park is busy with children and families who play here, as well as numerous joggers, dog walkers, and bike riders who are passing through, enjoying the fall weather.

Maya, Stella, and Aubrey represent the 'hood
 in learning about capturing stormwater.

We are telling people about the upcoming construction, what the purpose is, what it will look like, and how it will benefit them and our environment.

"Think about where you're walking so you don't
hurt the new plants," says Nina 

Nina is showing friends where the new landscape will be, and how children should walk around the new plants as they are getting established.

Friday, November 2, 2018

More presentations to Three Oaks Association homeowners

The Storm Water Grant Team held another information session with HOA owners.

It was a great chance to hear how Montgomery County and the Chesapeake Bay Trust are working with property owners to control stormwater and help get it back into the ground instead of running into storm drains.  Every effort to divert rain water into the ground helps reduce pollution in Sligo Creek.

The question of the evening was how to divert rain water from our parking lot and street into the new Conservation Landscaping. 

A speed bump is one way to divert water across a road. 

But on our street, there's a steep uphill curve. 

When you have to navigate snow and ice in the winter,  a speed bump that forces you to slow down at the crest of hill can be treacherous

We talked about the pros and cons of installing a trench drain instead. 

The main downside is the cost: 
A trench drain costs more than three times as much as an asphalt speed bump. 

There were several questions. 

How will the Conservation Landscaping be maintained?
Answer: The weeding and mulching will be added to the 3OA annual landscaping contract. 

How would you keep a  trench drain clear of leaves and debris?
Answer: 3OA currently cleans out our drainage system once a year. The trench drain could be added to that contract. 

Our owners are enthusiastic and they have lots of ideas!